Tuesday, January 9

Two Deep Breaths

Deep Breath #1: School just started and I'm already wondering how I will ever get all of this done. I think I enjoyed having four classes last semester way too much; I must now pay my dues. At least I am exceptionally excited about Spanish and (drum roll, please) LINGUISTICS! I can't wait, it will be fascinating. I can even keep the textbook for ever and ever. It is actually looking like more work that I expected from a first year class but I can't complain.

Deep Breath #2: I had a few moments of "where is the world headed??" and "these are the people who will be running the country?!?" in my marketing strategies class. It is difficult to write about this through my disgust and embarrassment to have been witness to such a sad sight. A girl had brought her tiny tiny (I thought there was a size limit for mammals?) dog to class in a very expensive looking puma bag (which I'm pretty sure was either made just for dogs or maybe skates) that matched her packsack. The poor creature was terrified and trembling (most likely out of embarrassment). Why? How can a real person actually be that cliche? If I ever turn into a walking cliche someone please (please!) stop me!

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Beth said...

i HEART linguistics. and i HEART you.