Tuesday, January 16


For the last month or more I have been experiencing very vivid dreams that I am fortunate enough to remember almost every morning. Some defy explanation. Allow me to recount a few:
--I was in a trade show with many C4C people and there was a booth with really nice TVs that everyone was checking out. Next to it was some workout equipment and on one of the TVs a video was playing. It was a series of professional body builders telling their stories of how they were unable to make it in the professional world without a well-known coach and sponsor. Some of them wept because they had put so much energy into training but only made it so far.

--another weird one: my family and I decide to fly to Ghana. When we arrive there are women walking through the small towns with thin plastic tubes coming out of their arms and blood dripping slowly from them onto the ground. Then (as a common theme in many of my dreams) I decide I have to use the washroom. I find one nearby but the stalls are so short that when sitting I can see over the top of them. I hear people talking and look over to see Graydon and the two girls on his team in the washroom. I had to do some quick thinking "do I say Hi? Its rude not to but its so awkward that i'm going to the bathroom right now". I decided to say hi.

--last night an excerpt from my dream entails running out to the middle of a giant field behind our house (one I have never seen before but it was mine then) where some chairs were set up as we waited for Winston Churchill to come in a plane. When they arrived the plane towed many trailers and was pulled by a canada goose. All the while I was marveling and the fact that i didn't know that old Winston was still alive. I dont' remember actually getting to meet him but his posse all dressed in old english garb came out to greet us.

How is that for strange? Ok, no one has a monopoly on weird dreams but I just don't want to forget these ones!

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Silas said...

you, dear katie, seem to have a monopoly on weird dreams, i'd say!