Monday, January 29


ooo, this is a fun game. So miss Beth tagged me on her blog (which i would link if I wasn't having a brain far). The tag means that I should:
-grab the nearest book to me,
-turn to page 123,
-read 4 lines down
-record the next 3 lines
-tag 3 people

The nearest book to me is easy, its on deck waiting to be read before sleep time.

"for example, informed consent requirements seek to protect institutionalized populations, such as hospitals patients and prisoners, from being coerced into medical procedures or acting as research subjects; due process requirements are meant to protect public..."

Three lines from "Policy Paradox: The Art of Political Decision Making"
by Deborah Stone

Its a very good read, it touches first on the broad topics of equity, efficiency, security and liberty and how they can be interpreted in the political realm and also how they can be expanded and contracted depending on the viewpoint one takes. It continues onto the use of symbols, numbers, causes, and interests that politicians and groups use to influence outcomes, elections, polls, etc. Finally a section on Solutions which I have yet to reach so I will not try to summarize.

oh, the rest of that sentence above is "aid recipients from arbitrary termination"

oh oh, the tag-ees. Lisa, Silas, and Shelly.

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