Thursday, September 28

Sweet sweet slumber

Last night I slept. For 6 1/2 hours straight. midnight to 630am. Woot woot!

The other thing that has me really excited today is salsa. My favorite is white corn and black bean by Presidents Choice. I often try to dream up ways to use salsa, or look forward to using it all day long. So you eat a lot of chips?, someone may infer. No, its good on so many things! Grilled cheese, wraps, eggs, rice, and the list goes on. I challenge everyone so say "Ketchup, stay away from my grilled cheese, I'll let salsa take this one". Or something like that.

Speaking of salsa, B. Mitts and I have been taking a social dance class, learning such hip moves as the Waltz and The cha cha. However, B. is tired of being the boy so, we're on the lookout for people of the male persuasion who might want to learn to dance. The class is actually split almost 50/50 guys and girls (and its a big class, am I still in Guelph?).


Silas said...

sorry i wish i could but i can't sacrifice the FS dinner on thursdays.

Beth said...

i LOVE that salsa. mmmmmmmmmmmmm, PC.