Monday, September 18

Good weekend

Usually I sit down to a blog because something hit me as blogworthy over the previous few days. Today it is the need to feel productive without doing homework so somehow blogging falls into this category.

This weekend I spent it with some guelph friends over at UWO to celebrate a birthday and just hang out. It felt like old times when we found ourselves in the field with a frisbee, 3 guelphians, mere and ben. It reminded me that things are different but it was great to see them in their new lives.

Other highlights included meeting some great UWO people, singing every early 90s song we could think of while driving to a jazz club (all saints, coolio~gangstas paradise, no scrubs, its not right but its ok, and I could go on) and having a sleepover with miss V-roc.

On another topic, I have a class this semester about the evolution of capitalism. Sounds boring but it is actually very interesting. The first lecture was a fiery rant about how rationality has taken the magic and romance out of our world. Not what I expected from the capitalism class. Actually, the premise of the lectures is to prove that we have a form of self-destructive capitalism that is slowly evolving into socialism. In fact, the capitalism we have now is starting to more closely resemble the highly planned socialist economy more and more than true capitalism. You would never know with the ranting that you hear about capitalism in Guelph that in its pure form it would not include large, oligopolist corporations.

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