Wednesday, September 6

library card

"Having fun isn't hard when you've got a library card!" the Brain (The Arthur Show). I love that show. Also, I love libraries.
Yesterday I entered the guelph public library for the first time. The collection is slightly more extensive than that in my home town so i look forward to using my card. However, it is just plain ugly and uninviting. Where are all the oversized, puffy chairs? The open spaces? The calm atmosphere?
When checking out and signing up for my new card I found myself face to face with Regis Philbin, a Bollywood star whose name I can't remember and selma hayek all reminding me that reading is cool. I already think that reading is cool (or I dont' care that its nerdy?) but if I didn't, i'm not sure if Regis Philbin would be the one to convince me otherwise.

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