Saturday, April 15

Katie Needs....

I took this idea from Feth Bisher. You google your name + needs. I didn't want to copy a post but, i think i might have a winner. Straight from google:

  • She needs help with feeding and drinking but she does manage to use the litter pan herself. Katie is making more and more of an effort to walk on her own
  • Katie needs to "grow up" and give up the things of childhood.
  • Katie needs a real man, not someone who believes in aliens
  • Katie needs someone to coordinate performance groups anyone?
  • Katie needs to consume at least (281.25 – 262.5) 18.75 more grams of carbohydrate
  • No, Casey, the REAL question is what happens if Katie needs a C-section.
  • Katie needs someone to teach her how to fix those lips. pale lips with dark lip liner is so ouuuutttt.
  • Katie needs to wear something more Fox-ish.
  • I think that Katie needs to step back and take a look at what her future with Tom will bring
  • someone like Katie needs no last name
  • Katie needs a new home. Katie needs new pants. Katie needs us. Katie needs to wear panty hose.

Thanks beth, i had a good laugh. Some i'll agree with. Lip liner with pale lips is out and i think i'll take the advice about the carbs. Thanks google

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feth bisher said...

glad you copied it! soooo funny. I think my favourite is "Katie needs to wear something more Fox-ish" helloooooo! Katie VIXXEN is plenty Fox-ish. (am I allowed to say that??)