Friday, April 28

Chain Chain Chain

Change is afoot. Actually, it may have already been afoot and under foot and now its waiting in the bushes behind me. My reflexes just aren't too fast.
My mother came to get me. It was good to see her. It was also hard. We ended the semester with meat, ice cream and a salt solution (which may or may not have originated in the ducts on the lower eyelids). The drive home....not as excruciatingly long as one would have expected.
I learned a few things. Sudbury is somewhat of an ugly city. We cannot drive for 9 hours without feeling lost at least once (even though for most of the time, only one road leads north).

The conversation in the parking lot in front of Old Navy before we left Guelph:
Mom: oh, your dad was looking at one of those Toyota hybrid things. They want over $30 000 for them though.
Me: I thought dad wanted a truck. Is he not getting one anymore?
Mom: With gas prices the way they are, he won't be getting a truck any time soon.
Me: So he's keeping the green thing for a while? [green thing = 98 dodge stratus that once had its rear view mirror duct taped on with army duct tape]
Mom: well he just had it painted and its only 7 years old.
Me: oh, ok.

10 hours later (we detoured to the washroom, tim horton's, and costco so it was extended)
we arrive in the soo. The green thing in the driveway I opened the garage to put the van in and this mysterious vehicle just sat there.
me: who put their car in our garage?
mom: [smiles]

Thats right, I have a mobile of my own for the summer months. A 2005 grey toyota corolla. Cd player, air conditioning and a cigarrette lighter all for me. They're reasoning was that with my sister and I working all summer we needed a way to get around. However, she does not have her G2. And she won't before july with the way tests are booked. Sadly, it will not be accompanying me back to school. Its ok, I may have had a heart attack and a stroke at the same time if it was actually my car, so it was nice of them to think of my health.

I will be a painting my room as well. I came home to plastic sheeting on my bed and primer on the walls. It will be a nice start. Although, not unpacking anything I own for a week may be trying. It will be pear and a grey/green colour. We'll see how it goes.

I may have over done it at the library today. THe books aren't in front of me but its at least 9...possibly more.


Kirsten said...

That's awesome you have wheels for the summer!

Silas said...

whoa whoa, you're moving up!! congrats on the car! go corolla.

shellieos said...