Wednesday, April 12

the 86th post

I'm pretty happy about that. 86 posts. Since Winter 04...but oh well.
One of my favourite things to do is do something that I have never done before. It keeps life from being monotonous. Or at the least doing something that I do rarely. Today I had a spanish exam, thats rare right? Well besides the fact that it was fairly fun and I am even more spurred on towards my goal of bilingualism. But the real new thing today was that i bought a giant, dead, frozen bird and carried it home in my packsack. 7.202 kgs to be exact. Quite the investment, especially for a girl who, until a few years ago, violently fought against any mention of having to eat a *gasp* horrible turkey dinner.

1 comment:

shellieos said...

katie, thanks for all your work in lugging that dead bird home. i look fwd to eating it.