Saturday, November 24

One of Those Days

Actually, today had the making to be "one of those days" but isn't turning out so bad.  I had been lazy all week and only climbed once so I was determined to make it to the wall last night.  My turn to drive I bundled myself up and walked to the 5th floor of the parkade where my car hangs out with all the other cars but didn't get very far.  Some flashing lights and a click-click-click when I turned the key and not much else.  Dead battery.  Thankfully physics_dude was amenable to drive and we still got in a good climb and our ritual lemon honey tea at Tim's afterwards but the boost he gave me after was unsuccessful and I started to worry I'd be spending my Saturday fighting with the dealership.

Fortunately I have one of those roadside assistance packages included with the new car so within an hour of calling there was a truck to boost/tow me as needed.  In the end all it needed was a boost (whew) and I learned some helpful car lessons.  I got kudos from the AMA guy for having a full tank of gas (a must with sub zero temps, thanks for teaching me well, pops!).  What I didn't know was the toll it takes on the battery in cold weather when a car only gets taken out sporadically and only for short jaunts at that.  Apparently it doesn't give the battery a chance to re-charge itself.  The AMA dude recommended that to recharge the battery I take Otto for a decent drive to stretch his wheels and make sure that he would start the next time.

Not having anywhere especially far to go I decided to just follow a road I hadn't taken before and have a look around.  On my way back from exercising my car we were about to go through a green when an SUV pulled out across the car in front of me.  Lots of screeching, frantic breaking and a pretty big smash.  It could have been me in the intersection 3 seconds later but Otto made it out unscathed. Stashing my car illegally around the corner I found everyone at the scene mostly shaken but no one had yet called in the accident and there were children in one vehicle so, for the second time in my life, I called 911.  They let me go before the police showed as long as I gave my information for a statement.  So now I make cookies and wait for the po-po to come take a statement about the accident.

The cookies are for a crafts and cookies party for the Edmonton couchsurfing community.  Time to meet some like-minded people :)


Sarah said...

Sounds like a day at work for me =P I'm glad both you and Otto are okay! And holy cow, our family is super 911 happy lately, eh? Mom called them again the other day because the trees at the church caught fire.

vinnie arora said...

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