Sunday, December 4

My Alberta Life

An excerpt from a text convo with my roomie last night (approx 11pm):

Roomie:  you still up

Me:  Yeah, what's up?

Roomie:  want to do me a favour?

Me:  Perhaps I could be persuaded.  What can I do?

Roomie:  you would need to get gun powder out of my vault and bring it here.  for that I would take you to jasper or louise.

Me:  Interesting.  What are you going to do with it?

Roomie:  im going to shoot a baby canon with it

That is the first time I have been requested to deliver gun powder and I brought it to the armories.  I left the line about jasper/louise in there just to prove it later on.  It sounds like quite the lifestyle but if the zombie apocalypse hits I have almost assured safety.  My roommate even has a plan:  unload the gun cabinet (actually a room), high-tail it to Costco, secure the roof and, bam!, we control the resources and have a great lookout post.

Bonus photo - when I dropped off the gun powder I got a tour of the big weapons.

Speaking of zombie apocalypse, I had a wonderful visit from the Jedi Master and her new hubs, the Eagle. We enjoyed some lovely blooming teas and very bacon-y perogies at Glenn's Tea House.  We basically soaked up all the culture in Red Deer.  I think, in that instance, we were the culture in town.  On top of all of that greatness I got a lovely gift of raw honey crafted by Toronto bees and earned by the Jedi Master and her bee gear.  

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