Thursday, December 15

Harper's Tangrams

I get the feeling that Canada doesn't look quite right to PriMordial Stephen Harper.  Tangrams were a grade 4 make work activity to develop visuospatial intelligence.  (or apparently Wikipedia thinks they are an ancient Chinese puzzle).  I'm not going to lie - the idea for this political toon came to me and I was so absorbed in the idea and in trying to get that creepy glint to Harper's eye that I'm not entirely sure it makes sense outside of my own brain.

It is basically a commentary on how I think our Not-so-Prime Minister has the ultimate goal of changing the shape (values, vision, political structure) of Canada to more closely resemble the United States.  And he just creeps me out.  Yes, I realize the tangrams don't include the territories but I think Harper's USA-shaped-Canada would not include them I am sad to say (unless, of course, the primary industries are blown wide open up there).  


Beth said...

this makes sense to me and you have def given him a creepy eye-glint.

well done, vatie kikken.

Anonymous said...

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