Saturday, November 26

Wasted Mustaches

I was on mustache watch today.  So many quality lip furs and I'm pretty sure the growers were not even aware of Movember.  The 'staches were a matter of personal style and most likely not going to charity.  The Innisfail horse auction today was prime upper-lip caterpillar spotting.  And it was pretty good for scoping out horses.  Every time I drive out to Innisfail - I cover the small hospital and longterm care facility there once a week - I hear this older gentleman rambling on the radio about coming on down to the Innisfail auction for "red geranium back heifers" or "1.90 calves for the best price all year" or whatever he is saying.  He is officially the worst person at making radio commercials.  Except that it worked and spent my Saturday afternoon at a horse auction.  It was difficult not to bid considering I could have gotten myself a mini horse for $100!  Plus, there was a real auctioneer with the fast-talkin and the deal-makin and the gavel-hittin.

This is Angel.  She is 10.  She was so sweet.  I believe she went  for $650.

Showin' off the horse skills.  Look!  You can even lasso a cow on this one!

Sadly, none of the mustachioed men made it into my photos.


Beth said...

I love the title of this post.


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