Monday, November 14

Time for Bridge Nights and 4pm Dinners

Every few years I feel as if I have hit the "adult" phase of my life.  The first time was at the age of 12 when my mother would not let me do whatever I so chose and had to tell her where I was going and with whom.  How could she treat my grown-up self like that?  Then I moved off 8 hours away from my family to do my undergrad and, in my second year, rented a townhouse with three friends.  I was sure that I had definitely found adulthood - I mean, I had to BUY MY OWN GROCERIES and cook and manage my own time.  Clearly adult-like things.  Of course, those parents of mine were still more or less covering the bill.  Fast forward to the beginning of grad school.  Surely I was an adult now.  I was paying for my life with student loans and parental funds however funds to be repaid this time.

Negatory.  I am NOW an adult.  How do I know?  There are three main ways:
1) I make my own money and if I spend it all on a $200 purse before my next paycheck then I have to eat Ramen for the rest of the week.  Getting on my feet, even making decent dollahz, means that I am living more or less paycheck to paycheck.
2) A good chunk of my paycheck goes to lame things.  1/4 is auto-dropped down on loans.  Do you know how many new fossil purses I could be buying with that money?  Dresses at Anthropologie?  Tickets to Cuba*?
My car also sucks the dinero right out of me.  Thanks to the premature blizzards (november?! Really?!?) my car now demands expensive new rubber shoes with all kinds of special "grooves" and "treads" that I don't understand but apparently need.  Oh, and it needs a timer so it knows when to start heating up.  Oh, and I have to be an adult and go out in the cold to actually plug the car in.
3)  My conversations with friends involve lame things and, guess what, I enjoy it!  My time in Toronto with friends I haven't seen in way too long was spent talking about loans and saving for the future and down-payments and investments and the importance of 0% financing.  Don't worry though, I believe we still talked about bowel movements schedules being interrupted by new jobs.

How did you know you were an adult?

*Ok, it isn't SO much each month to purchase tickets to Cuba in the plural.


Cindy said...

Move to Saskatchewan...they are giving free timers away over the next two weekends :)

Eric said...

Just clicking next blog and loved your post. Lots of laughs. Hope it was meant to make people smile. I try daily to avoid all the adult stress of life and enjoy life. Safe winter.

Anonymous said...

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