Monday, May 9

Doha, Qatar in Photos

Falling asleep around 11 last night we assumed we had beaten the time change.  That was until we both found ourselves wide awake at 3am.  Wide awake enough to watch To Wong Foo all the way through.  Hi-C managed to get some more shut-eye after that but I mostly tossed and turned since 5am and finally gave up at 7 to blog just for you!

A brief recount of our 7 hour doha-dventure in photos.

The first place we went: souq waqif

baby bunnies for sale in the pet section (along with cats, dogs, turtles, parrots, iguanas...dyed chicks)

The bustle of the pet section in the market around 11pm!

Fave building (a mosque overlooking the market)
The doha skyline from the corniche (paved and palm-treed walkway).  Doesn't do those crazy buildings justice.

The "crappy" mall

A few boys at the mall skating rink.  Apparently it isn't a mall unless it has a rink.
Let's try the skyline again from a different angle

The titanic building (not the official name)

Camels...apparently just for show. 

Cute kid showing off near the camels.

Sharing cardamom tea with our new friend Nedal (approx 230am)

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