Friday, May 6

Bonus Post: The Flight

Hi-C and I left for the airport in Toronto at 220pm Thursday may 5th.  It is now 445am Doha time while I wait in the airport.  I know that i'm tired but I couldn't quite tell you how long ago we left Canada or how long it has been since I have slept.  Our journey started with a one hour flight to DC with 3 hours there and a 12 hour flight to Doha, Qatar.  That is officially the longest I have ever been in the air at one about double.  And it wasn't nearly as unpleasant as expected.  Likely because we flew Qatar Airlines.  I definitely recommend.  Economy class feels just ever so slightly better than that:  free booze; hand cream in the washroom; blankets and pillows; our own TVs with games, current movies and TV shows (I watched 127 Hours and a few episodes of How I Met Your Mother); on call ice cream and cookies which I regret not taking advantage of; fairly comfy seats.  I can't tell you how much I slept on the plane because it was punctuated by frequent wake-ups but I must have dozed off in between the babies crying and the loud-talkers. 

Small world story:  I ended up in the wrong seat for the first 10 minutes or so to let a woman with a bad knee sit on the aisle.  The person I ended up sitting beside was a bangladeshi woman who had been visiting her hubby in the US and, when I mentioned that I was from Canada, she proceeded to tell me that she had a brother in my hometown of "Salt Marie".  It is close to 5am and the sun is already rising out there.

My personal TV map of us hovering over Baghdad

Hi-C with her provisions at the DC airport.  Or Toronto.  Meh.

Would young people recognize these "electronic devices" these days?

You know you're an awesome airline when you give out fresh new socks!  Socks! And a face mask!


Becky said...

Good call on the How I Met Your Mother!! Enjoy the rest of your trip, and stay safe :) I'm looking forward to the rest of your blog posts... and I'll let you know how life goes for me in "Salt Marie"

Shanz said...

Good airlines are key to a good trip. And yay for sleep masks!!

Vixxen said...

Hey, the flight to England was like 17 hours, wasn't it?

Either way, I'm so happy for you!

Katie V. said...

Sister....nice try lol. The flight from Toronto to London, UK is like 5 hours. Maaaaaybe 6. But...that is close to 17.... ;)