Wednesday, January 6

My Traveling Downfall

If you asked me whether I like a wide variety of foods I would say YES! I love food! I'll try anything! However, if you asked me more specific questions like "would you try chicken feet?" I would say NO!

I have the illusion that I'm adventurous with food because I love many different cuisines (Indian, Thai, Latin American, Chinese baking, etc.). Yet, there are many many things that I could never tolerate. I like the safe versions, the vegetarian menus found in Canada. Once you start throwing in fauna I get squeamish. I'm at the point now that I think I could eat most meats. Meats meaning muscle-based animal products of land animals (Snake? I think so! Zebra? Sure! Otter? Why not?). Did I mention that they have to be cooked?

Things you will not see me eating:
1. Uncooked animal products (eating ceviche - a dish of raw fish in lime juice - was almost too much for me). Sushi and raw whale meat are out.
2. Bugs.
3. Gristle (you know, those cartilagey parts)
4. Organ meats.
5. (Most) Sea creatures (I can do shrimp/lobster/crab/fish if absolutely necessary but I draw the line octopus, fish eggs, squid or sea cucumber anus)

Places that would cause me the most food anxiety:
1. China (oh, but I do want to go!)
2. Japan
3. France

Anywhere I go I should research "safe" foods (which is somewhat unfortunate because food is a major part of the travel experience - especially sharing meals with new friends....). Why is it always so rude in other cultures to turn down a dish? They could all come to my house and I won't be offended if they say no to my chickpea meatloaf or veggie stew!

ETA: Apparently French food isn't as obviously awful as I thought lol. They to use all parts of the animal: the liver, other organs, and yes, escargots. Also, I dislike wine. And I dislike blue/stinky cheeses. And mushrooms. It just wouldn't go over well.
And I like ketchup; I hear you can't ask for ketchup.

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nadine said...

I'm curious re: your fear of French food. Pastry! Wine! Bread! Chocolate! Butter! "Julie & Julia" convinced me to be as French as possible.

(Minus the snails and clams.)

But I agree with most of your culinary hesitations. Squid is not fun.

P.S. I really want to eat an emu burger someday. Weird, huh?