Saturday, January 9

Adam (2009)

A film you (likely) haven't heard of but definitely should see (trailer). If for nothing else than the soundtrack and Hugh Dancy's stunning performance as Adam.

The story follows a young man with Asperger's syndrome* while he copes with change and relationships. The scenarios were realistic (ok, mostly, it is a movie afterall) and the acting even more so. When Adam finally explains his condition to Beth the writers used it as an educational opportunity. Maybe a bit transparent but a necessary explanation nonetheless. This isn't a review as much as a bulletin: watch this film! It is quirky and heartwarming and, yes, a little slow at times but entirely worth it. To restate: at least get the soundtrack filled mostly by The Weepies and Joshua Radin.

Here is a taste: (caveat: this song is also associated with those frilly Vampire movies - don't make me say the name - which I discovered on youtube with some disappointment)

*Asperger's Syndrome: This was the deciding factor for our movie selection last night as budding SLPs and we were not disappointed. The characteristics most emphasized in the film were the social awkwardness, necessity of routine and the intense dislike of change.

For a personal account I recommend the book "Born on a Blue Day" by Daniel Tammet. Some of the promotional material touts him as an "Autistic Savant" however I believe that the term Aspergers is more accurate. Tammet relates what it is like for him to have an incredible intellect but an almost absence of social skills.

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