Sunday, September 6

Update: Moved In

If I'm going to subtitle this blog Toronto Adventure then a) I should blog about being in TO, and b) I should start being a little more adventurous. We rolled up Friday night, unloaded, unpacked and crashed. I'll admit that since then I've been a bit of a sourpuss. For the first time in all the moving around I have done I just wanted to go home. Take me back to the great white north, I'll work at Tim Hortons.

I guess I'm not looking forward to single-room existence again (the common area isn't very functional). The house felt small, the city overwhelmingly crowded (and BIG!), the choices too many (yes, the paradox of choice), the Mark's too few.

But I'm ready to tackle TO now. I've figured out where my building is, I've made my space my space, I've experienced Church street in a low dose (it is very lively: assless chap'd transvestite anyone?) and I've relaxed.

Things I look forward to:
1. A visit from Mark (10 sleeps!)
2. Buying some of my grocery items at specialty shops (a chicken breast at the local hormone-free butcher here, a wedge of brie from the cheese shop around the corner)
3. My ROM membership!
4. Meeting the people from my program (ice cream social tomorrow night!)
5. Trying out the gym in the condo (or at least i'm telling myself this)

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