Thursday, November 20

Not blogging about it

The situation in our house has become more strained in our house over the week. I struggle to determine the true reason behind the problems especially one person is having. There was an incident when a bunch of Guelph friends visited that, out of anger and frustration, I had written a blog about but then chose not to post. I erased it. It still feels that I can't give any more details about what is happening but it makes being at home somewhat uncomfortable at times.

On top of that, my freedom, due to the beater, has potentially been cut short. Driving to pick some books last night with my housemate another car pulled out right in front of us and I was forced to hit the breaks hard. Since then the breaks no longer respond much when used. Yes, they stop the car but are completely loose until my foot is almost at the floor and then the vehcile swerves while stopping. He is on his last wheels.

My housemate's grandfather was kind enough to take me to school today because I didn't feel comfortable driving without breaks in the snow storm this morning but this means no ride to dinner tonight, getting up at 6am to catch the bus on Saturday. Part of me wants to just risk it. I'll drive slowly.


Silas said...

i had that problem. for me, it meant my front brakes were shot (and yes, it's spelled brakes). i had to get them replaced. the swerving might have been caused by the ball joint getting loose as a result of bad brakes. i needed to replace my ball joint.

Katie V. said...

Hmmm, well that would explain it. And yes, now that I see it spelled brakes I realize I'm ashamed. Luckily the people who lent it to me won't be upset because it was going to be retired on Dec 31 of this year.