Tuesday, November 11

Clash of the Sirens

This is the first time in all my moving around that I have ended up in a house where personalities just ram into each other head first*.

One person in particular can only seem to communicate via written note on the refrigerator.
-Take out the garbage
-House meeting
-Don't use her plates and bowls (another difficulty with the house: a few people vehemently refuse to share, who has heard of three separate cutlery drawers???)
-This morning i got the pleasant: "Katie, do NOT use my pan. You scratch it up"
Ouch, considering I didn't use it. Ew, I have my own pan, with stainless steal: I'm afraid of Teflon!

The tension is creamy and has a bitter aftertaste. Adding to the mix are two cats (whom I love dearly) but are barely tolerated by one other roommate. Yes, this post is a bit whiny but I'm a bit frustrated. Yes, I actually do try to sort this out in a adult-like manner and talk to these people myself. This is step 2, when I'm alone in the house, and annoyed.

*While Calgary project had its share of petty disagreements it doesn't count for two reasons:
a) it was mostly pleasant
b) it wasn't exactly a living situation as much as a psychological experiment with that many females (read: hormones) living in such a confined space


Beth said...

this is amazing - "this" being the "psychological experiment" interpretation of Calgary.

i'm sorry about the conflict. i find it insanely frustrating to deal with conflict when one or more party is totally passive-aggressive....which sounds like you've got to deal with.

Katie V. said...

Amazing? Why? I don't mean it as a dis, i loved my time there. But really, someone should have been studying the dynamics between 6 ladies in about 400 square ft. (i'm thinking maybe less...)