Friday, September 12

Isn't it always the case

An update on my junk food craving: I had some. It wasn't that good. Maybe I chose the wrong thing and I'm sure i had a bit too much. Afterward there was no satisfaction just bloatedness. And a sugar crash. Too bad I know I'll have to just keep on learning this lesson.

My obsession lately has been names. This isn't connected to wanting children, there is no place in my life right now for things that cry all the time, are messy, and constantly demand my attention. But I am fascinated with how people name them. Almost daily I find myself on the babynames website perusing the message boards to see what other people like. Some are pretty out there and some are growing on me.

My forever favourites:
Maggie (but as a nickname, I'm trying to come up with something other than margaret for this)
Ezekiel (Zeke)

And then, from being on the site more than is healthy, some names I would love to use but most likely wouldn't. Let's call them guilty-pleasure names
harper (for a girl)
August (boy)
Dmitri (this one I've loved forever, I tried to convince my mom to name my brother this 16 years ago)

And i'll stop because i could go on forever.


Beth said...

why wouldn't you use olivia? i think it's beautiful!

names fascinate me, too. i was just talking with some friends the other night about whether, if they ever adopted, they would rename their child. it's weird to think of being able to CHANGE someone's name. it's such a massive part of our identity.

Katie V. said...

it is a strange thing to change someone else's name. Although i did meet a family that was adopting children who were a bit older (4 and 6 at the time) and they got to choose new names for themselves (i think from a few selections) to signify their new start. They were very excited about it.