Sunday, August 17

Things I would have taken pictures of

Yesterday Mark, Andrea, Sean and I went out to Sean's camp for some relaxing. Forgetting my camera I was forced to take mental snap shots.

1. The clear plastic cup that imprisoned the doomed worms Sean and I found under rocks and rotting logs. Also found: ant colonies furiously guarding their eggs, a teeny newt, a similar sized salamander, a giant black beetle and so many more curiosities.

2. The rock bass I caught the moment the hook hit the water. The two other fish I caught, even if they all had to be thrown back (hey, I was fishing off a dock in shallow water!). The two fish Andrea caught.

3. The view over the lake from the jagged white bluffs.

4. An amazing sunset in pinks with blue-gray clouds. So what if it is cliche? It also had a docks in it.

5. Sean dropping his ice cream in the parking lot, right off the cone. Oh, and then subsequently picked out the rocks and ate it. Waste not, want not.

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