Thursday, August 21

The Next Member of the Coast Guard

I like to defend Canada. I can't help it, I like my country.

A friend posted a keen observation here that China has more silvers than we do medals. Total.

Here is my response. I did all these painful calculations so I thought it was only right to reuse my work.

"ok, but sometimes i like to break it down by population and do it as a proportion of medals to population. we have 13 medals to 30 million people. China? 85 medals to 1.3 billion. We have one medal per 2 307 692 people. They have one medal for every 15,294,117 people. Wow, we are so much more accomplished, PER CAPITA! You know what, i'm putting this on my blog. haha, i'm a dork; admittedly."

I even left in the juicy details.


Beth said...

i just posted a link to this on my blog. because i like your thoughts. as usual.

Katie V. said...

cool, thanks bethface! it is somewhat flawed logic but it is how i like to look at it. ps. snazzy new banner on your blog