Saturday, July 14

Ella tiene su billete

It is time again to whip out the Tracy Chapman in celebration. "She's Got Her Ticket" is playing on my ipod...too bad the song is slightly melancholy. I am officially grown up: my ticket to Cuzco, Peru is booked for 91 days and 90 nights of crazy Spanish learning.

Deadline given to myself to book ticket: July 1st
Actual date of ticket-booking: July 14th.

That is pretty good in 'my time'. Much of the avoidance came from being nervous about booking something so final, not being able to go back or change it. Committing to one decision is often difficult for me. So really, this was an exercise in commitment. I passed. The website used was because it was the cheapest. However the price has been gradually rising all week as I repeatedly would try to book a ticket only to be redirected back to the beginning every time I chose the return flight: I say that they owe me the difference from when the site was being a jerk and now. It is over $50. But it was still under $900...woot woot. I may be able to afford this after all.

The next purchase: "The Rough Guide to Peru" in order to plan all the minute details. My appointment for immunization consult is next week (eep). I am looking into travel health insurance. Contact lenses in case I manage to lose or break my only pair of glasses (oh, its more than possible). How about if anyone thinks of something that I should do to get ready they let me know, ok?

New topic: an update to yesterday's 'new template' post. You may have noticed that it no longer says 'my blog', so what was all the whining about? Well, probably because he's one of the most thoughtful people I know, Mark stayed up past his bedtime and made me a new image to fix my blog. Isn't it perfect? I thought so.

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