Wednesday, July 11

The Closest thing to playing the harp

This blog has been a bit neglected. Hmmm. I wonder why? My friends point out that I'm in high demand lately but I think that I have been balancing my time quite well. Mark and I spend about 5 days a week together (the evenings, not all day every day) but are pretty good at incorporating other people into that...or other people are good at incorporating us and we are good at accepting invitations. It works out since the church has been drugging the juice every Sunday and there are new couples springing up all over the place.

The real reason for this blog though is to express my dislike of the letter "G". This isn't new and I may have even mentioned it before but this makes it concrete. It is only appropriate that the words "gross" and "disGusting"use the nasty hard "G" sound. I should clarify that when it comes to being easy on the eyes the capital version does not fit. Gregory...not a name any child of mine will ever have. The sound that begins "genre" and "giant" while not exactly in my good graces (ew, alliteration) have more redeeming qualities than the hard, glottal, sloppy "Guh"


Anonymous said...

I'm excited about this Mark guy. You deserve the best Katie V.

I am concerned however because my last name has the 'G' you so hate...Can I help it that I'm German?

Silas said...

german, esseg, ha, she can't love you, lisa!

i like how you alliterated good and graces though... so G. Maybe you have now officially gone through Guelph withdrawal.

Katie V. said...

It would seem that it would be difficult for me to love you lisa but you're special. Plus at least the G is word initial so its lower case and not so abrupt.

Guelph is a wonderful place but an ugly word...G or no G. as for withdrawal, I'm just getting over the shakes.