Monday, October 16

Official Campus Bathroom Zagat

As a commerce student, a program without an official home, I have been somewhat transient in terms of classes and have had the opportunity (bad luck?) of experiencing most washrooms on campus. Sadly at this point I can only provide an official guide to the women's washrooms on campus but I'll see what I can do.

Most Pleasant Washrooms (as pleasant as public urine receptacles can be)
1) MACS (formerly known as HAFA). The washroom outside of the Atrium Restaurant was recently renovated with very stylish results. Purple tile designs above the sinks, rich shades of brown on the walls, silver stalls and (get this) REAL TOILET PAPER! Home size rolls and everything and soap silver soap dispensers that are not screwed to the wall (I'm not sure how long this will last). By far the best in washroom facilities this school has to offer.

2) washrooms in the new wing of MacKinnon. Stylish design, only a few stalls but usually empty and I have never encountered the foul, over-sed washroom smell yet.


Worst Washrooms on Campus
1) 1st floor of the UC. By far the WORST available. The smell lingers in the hallway, the floors are always wet and there has to be an unspoken no sitting rule (there is, isn't there???). I would walk across campus to avoid this one.

2) First floor of the library. Without fail its busy and smelly and just plain ugly.

3) women's change room washroom in the AC. No hooks to put your stuff, floor is usually wet. The sinks are always wet too. Most people have just been working out before using them too. Not pretty.

Most entertaining:
Second floor of the UC, tie between the radio station one and the one near the Ontarion. Example: A picture of Alastair Summerlee with devil horns, scissors and the caption "I like cuts". It was really funny at the time. Various simpsons quotes and long running opinion polls. Never a dull moment.

The washroom I feel most likely to reenact the scene from I know what you Did last Summer with someone hiding on top of a toilet (maybe I have my movie reference wrong here but you get the point): ZAVITZ (1st floor). I don't think i'll even go in there alone. They also win for second creepiest elevator.

There you have it. The yet to be completed but very useful campus guide to washrooms. Maybe we should just hold it until we get home....


Beth said...

as soon as i started reading, i HOPED the "feminist bathroom" (2nd floor UC by the radio station) would make it in. always good for reading a rant :) my favourite of all times was what they did with - wait. can't make that comment on a public co-ed blog. so ummmmmmmm, if you're curious, send me an email ;)

miss you. oh, and last night at the restaurant, the bathroom had an lcd screen tv, and two arm chairs with swivel mirrors and dimmer lights above for fixing your makeup. talk about ritzy!

shellieos said...

i've always wondered if we had decent washrooms on campus. i'm definitely going to have to try out the MACS one before i graduate.

Mere said...

wow, i never thought bathrooms would ever become a channel for missing UoGuelph!
Zavitz rocks.

Katie V. said...

Oh mere, I miss YOU! I was in Zavitz yesterday to check out the art with Ash and Silas. Its not the same without your perspective! I'm going to call you soon i feel.