Thursday, October 12

Confessions of an Unfaithful Blogger PART II

So I already titled a post this but then I realized that I didn't acutally bother to confess anything.
What I had intended to say was that sometimes the act just writing the blog is enough to get the benefits. Sometimes I will sit down to blog and halfway through or even at the end I will realize that its too personal to post (or just more personal that i'm willing to get) and that I don't need to actually post it. I just erase it and move on, but writing it gives me time to process. Its like journalling on a chalkboard. Which is effective for me since even when I journal its to get things out not to go back and read about it later.

Who knows, maybe I won't even post this one, maybe I will.

The first snow fall today, I can't help but mention it: GORGEOUS! Someone asked me if it feels like home, and yeah, it does a little. It brought back memories of Halloween when my mom, sister and I would go to Jo-Ann fabrics across the river and pick out a costume for my mom to make us. I would always beg to be a genie or a mermaid or anything but like that, but no, our costumes had to be large enough to fit a snowsuit underneath. So eventually I would always settle on some sort of costume with a large gown or cape (princess, native-american princess, queen, princess, ace of spades, you get the picture).


wg84 said...

I saw the link for your blog on shelly's page and I feel like since I met you yesterday I'm allowed to come over and comment now :P

and I enjoy how you call a backpack a 'packsack' (from the previous post)...that's what ashley chandler does also if I remember correctly...further proof that all guelph girls are similar ;)
-Warren G.

Beth said...

do you fully delete the blogs? or do you save your thoughts somewhere other than cyberspace? it would be a shame if they got fully flushed.

where's the blog on public bathrooms you were considering when you commented on jesskah's blog? i would loooove to read that one ;)

Katie V. said...

Warren: welcome to my blog. A little tidbit of info about the word packsack -- It is actually a northern ontario thing, I get mocked in guelph too

Beth: yes, I often do just completely erase the whole blog. Its just the process. As requested i blogged about the public washrooms, although it is likely different than you may have been expecting. Good to hear from you my dear, i'll be following your blog closely!