Sunday, October 21

Joshua Radin

Ever since a group of SLPeeps watched "Adam" instead of studying for CASLPA I have been hooked on Joshua Radin's music.  And his voice.  His voice is like really smooth crack (if I knew what that was like).  He did almost the entire soundtrack for the film and it just fit so organically.  Now he has another record and he's touring.  Last night he played a packed show at a church in downtown Edmonton that I attended with Shae and ShanWow.  Mr. Radin was just as weirded out about being god's house as I was so it was ok.  The show started with Lucy Schwartz as the opener and A Fine Frenzy sandwiched between the two.  The name Lucy Schwartz didn't sound familiar but I was able to sing along with one of her songs; she lent some female vocals to the Adam soundtrack and is a good performer in her own right.

A Fine Frenzy was a band for which I had high hopes and had to deflate them somewhat to enjoy myself. The singer is a very talented vocalist but her aspartame-sweet and flakey demeanor at the start made her come across valium'd.  As the show progressed and her music picked up the tempo whatever she took beforehand appeared to wear off and it got much better.

Now for Joshua Radin himself.  The whole concert from start to finish was 3.5 hours!  We definitely got more than we paid for.  He played a good selection of his oldies-but-goodies and his brand new album.  And since I purchased his new CD (yes, CD, no LPs for the hipsters in the crowd) and Shae got a t-shirt we were able to meet him after the show. Unfortunately a brief handshake and CD sign was not enough to make him fall hopelessly in love with me.  Good thing Shae was there to help me tone down my big ear-to-ear grin before meeting him; don't wanna be a big fangirl.  His new stuff is good stuff and you should get it!

He is making his way east - Toronto friends, see him if you get the chance!

Shae and me waiting in the cold for the concert

Me and Joshua


Nadine said...

Envy. That is what I'm feeling. I'd be such a fangirl.

And I'm pretty sure he's secretly in love with you.

Katie V. said...

Whew, Nadine, I'm so glad I'm not the only fangirl out there. I have to say, if you look at the photo I think I'M the one playing it cool. He's totally swooning. Thanks for pointing that out :)