Tuesday, August 7

OMG, I'm a Hipster

I was minding my own business, listening to an original LP of Billy Joel while sipping some rooibos and wearing some moccasins when it hit me:  holy Christ, I'm a hipster!

It wasn't something I saw coming.  Hipsters are annoying. They're pretentious.  They aren't quite sure what irony means but use it ALL.THE.TIME.  And slowly, without realizing it, I've become one of them.

The evidence:

1.  New glasses.  No explanation required.

2.  A 1960s telefunken stereo cabinet to play some sweet LPs (that I pick up a a thrift mall and garage sales).  It fits with the decor of my apartment which consists mainly of teak from the 60s and not a single couch yet.  ShanWow is an awesome friend and helped me fetch this from a random person's house.  My record finds include Duran Duran, Elton John, Billy Joel, U2 and Boney M (Rasputin!) to name a few.

3.  Kicking horse coffee and a french press.  Did I mention that you have to grind the beans yourself???

4.  Card-carrying member of the NDP

5.  A mustache tattoo on my finger. I'm not even sure where it came from.*

6.  I subscribe to The Walrus magazine.

Evidence against:  No iphone/instagram, no clothes from American Apparel, no beer drinking (craft or otherwise), no converse shoes

For good measure I took some extremely reliable internet quizzes and all say that I'm hipster.  How can this be???  All of the music I listen to is mainstream - you would have heard of it all!!!

So what do you think - is the evidence for or against me being a hipster?

*Haha, joking.  I would NEVER do that.


Silas said...

i'd say you're looking pretty hipster. mainstream music makes you no less of a hipster, as hipsterness is pretty mainstream nowadays if you take a look around! :)

Beth said...

you're so great, katie! hipster isn't a bad label. and it seems to me (after our conversation about bands last night), you may be further down the stream than you thought!

also, i laughed OUT LOUD about the mustache tattoo. for a moment, i thought you were serious and i was amazed.

Anonymous said...


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