Sunday, March 25

The Late-to-Mid 20s

My first trip home from out west happened to coincide with my 27th birthday.  On one hand I just can’t believe I’m actually 27 and, on the other, I was already thinking of myself as 27.  Except that before I would think of myself as 27 and then remember – with satisfaction and relief – that I was, in fact, still 26.  That is no longer the case.

Since visiting home is an infrequent opportunity these days I tried to make the most of it.  Still, the time raced by and here I sit back in Old Butt/Red Deer missing family and friends but glad to have the traveling part over with.  Going home made me realize just how far away I am and has gotten me questioning how long I really want to be way out here.  

Of course, we did Soo things:  out for a tasty breakfast at Gilbertson's maple syrup pancake house of awesomeness on St. Joe's Island; Mrs. B's pizza; across the river (ie. over the bridge to the US side) for some shopping.  My favourite American shopping being, of course, visiting one of their grocery stores and marveling and the sheer number of flavours that mini-wheats and pop tarts are produced in on that side.  For my birthday a had a scrumptious lunch with lovely ladies at the Soo's "big city" restaurant.

My dad spoiled me and cooked up a wicked BBQ dinner for my birthday.  We had a fun dinner of friends and family including 4 adorable and hilarious little kidlets.  

And I got my birthday wish to drive my dad's new side-by-side through the mud.  In case you weren't aware (since I wasn't), a side-by-side is a crossover between a golf cart and a very rugged 4-wheeler.  It goes up steep hills and through multiple feet of mud.  My goal was to get as wet and muddy as possible.

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