Tuesday, February 14

Courageous Dorkery

This happened last Thursday however it took me a while to decide whether to blog it or not.  Let's be honest though, I have no shame.  At least this post will make my dad happy - or very, very sad.  That it has come to this.  THIS being speed dating.  I like to entertain myself by trying things that I haven't tried and then blogging about them.  This wasn't regular speed dating it was nerdy speed dating at a library.  I saw the sign (because I am at the library at least once a week) and told a friend (Skipper).  She was set on making me do it and decided to try it too because, hey, literate men!

The library ladies clearly had fun with this.  They had a plethora of rules, some complicated moving around, live piano music and a reward of wine post-fast dates.  They even had us bring a favourite book to break the ice.  Luckily the amount I talk is directly proportionate to my level of awkwardness - besides, talking about books is natural for me.  Before the official boy-girl chats began the genders had arranged themselves in exclusive circles, perhaps saving up the best conversational bits for the 4 big minutes.  With the piano playing for the "dates" and stopping to signal a change - a sort of hot potato mixer.

The ratio wasn't great to start - almost double the ladies as the mens but they made it work.  I turned on the incredibly awkward charm that apparently works with nerdy boys and landed myself 5 numbers (or 85% of the possible numbers available).  Not a bad haul.  At least good for the self-esteem.  No mega love connections but we'll see.  Perhaps I have found a new hobby - speed dating in random venues.


Beth said...

courageous dorkery is the best kind. i think this is great!!

curious: do you feel like it is easy to know someone/be yourself in a 4 min context?

(i also find my nervous talker tendencies have helped me in date situations...i should start embracing that part of me!)

Lindi said...

I was gonna do this when I moved to GP! They were having a speed dating thing at the library, but they had to cancel it at the last minute for some reason. Good job!

Nike said...

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