Saturday, June 18


Percy the parasite has taken up residence in my small intestine.  At least that is my interpretation of my recent symptoms.  Between Hi-C and I, we have had every possible parasite-related symptom*.  Hi-C has had more of the unexpected and interesting ones.  At first we thought it was traveler's runs after drinking all kinds of fresh juices at hole-in-the-wall restaurants in Lamu.  Things we on the upswing after some hydration earlier this week.  But I still can't eat a meal without stomach cramps, food holds little appeal for me and I can only consume small amounts at a time (which I then often pay for for hours afterwards).  We are both now on a regimen on 6 wormwood anti-parasiticals per day that taste like dry hay.  Today has been named "operation parasite destruction day".  Off to the pharmacy we go because we still haven't replaced our phones and I can't go to the doctor without first calling my insurance company. 

All part of hanging out in a developing country and refusing to only eat with the tourists. 

And yes, we are still having a good time we are just doing it slowly and low key lately.

*According to one website.  I can't say for sure if we have had EVERY symptom but quite a vast array of interesting happenstances.

Update:  de-worming has commenced.  Apparently everyone here is supposed to "de-worm" every 3 months.  We figured, for 35 cents and one pill we can give it a shot.  Here's to feeling better!

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