Thursday, April 22

Treasure Therapy

Last week I picked myself up the game Cariboo Island. It is for 4 yr olds and it rocks at targeting so many different speech goals. Basically, you put plastic coins into the game and then you look for them by opening these little doors with a 'key'. (Sorry, that makes no sense, but trust me). The grand finale is, once all of the coins have been found, they go in the 'sand' and the treasure POPs open! Except...woi woi.....mine didn't open. So I returned it. Woohoo....oh, wait, this one doesn't open either.

But I have to give props to Hasbro (yep, Cariboo Island is made by Cranium which is owned by Hasbro...). I used their online chat customer service and within 5 minutes they were shipping me a new game to my door, no questions asked. This next treasure had better OPEN! So now I'll have two cariboo games but I still need Pop Up Pirate!


Maia said...

Is this version newer or older than the one with the bouncy balls?

Katie V. said...

Maia...I don't know. Its the one with the coins but I don't know if that came before or after the balls (actually, I haven't seen the balls...what is this?)

Maia said...

This one!

But the Cranium website seems to show that yours is the latest version.