Saturday, October 24

What you missed in GreekTown

The Danforth. Everyone talks about it but I finally visited.

You weren't there. You missed:

Messini: Greek food (in Greektown!). Chicken souvlaki....with french fries inside? Somehow the authenticity plummeted but the taste was still Mediterranean-y with garlic-full tzatziki.

Jack Layton busking for quarters to give to Africa. His children dared him to sing on the street for money in response to the Stephen Lewis Foundation's Dare campaign*. He brought his guitar and a few musical friends (and the orange tent with his name on it). He isn't bad.

Me. Posing with an "I [heart] Librarians sign" on the Danforth. It should be posted on their website: within the day. And it is true: I do.

*Premise: you dare someone (or someone dare's you) to do something to raise money for the fight against AIDS in Africa.

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heart said...

Hi there,

One of the I Heart Librarians girls, here. Just wanted to let you know that your photo should also be available on flickr at and if you would like a high resolution copy of the image, please email me at i.heart/

Thanks so much for your support!