Saturday, August 29

Last night Mark and I get all dolled up (well, I put on a necklace) and head 'across the river' (Sault speak for the United States of America) to see a friend sing/perform. It was at the local university - Lake Superior State if that matters - as a frosh event but it was the last chance to hear her sing before I take off.

We show up to the designated room (Flamingo Desert or something along those lines) right on time - because Mark and I can't be late if we tried to be late. We also show up looking a little too mature for frosh week (remember, I had a necklace on!) and walk in to a games room with about 50 first years playing pool, board games and ice breaker activities. No KT Antler (have you found this on google alert yet, KT?). So we grab 90s Trivial Pursuit and hunker down to wait. I'm the latte, Mark is a palm pilot (wasn't there supposed to be a Kurt Cobain???)

3 pies each, 45 minutes later (and no one questioning our age, thank you) my bladder signals and I go in search of a washroom. And there she is: right across the hall. So we missed the first set but we got to play some trivial pursuit (and we tied, which is about as close to winning against Mark as I thought I could get -- there was no Science section!)

We joined the group and chilled with her mom, pop and boyfriend roadie crew for a great show. Oh and the awkward/nice 'freshman' who sat down with us and told us all about ethanol production and asked us endlessly about curling (but of course, we're Canadian!).

Let me just finish with saying: that girl can sing. And play guitar. I'd take her home.

ps. And undergrad was fun and now it is done. Whew.

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