Monday, August 14

CBC Radio

Over the summer I have taken a keen liking to CBC radio. It was the only radio station my boss would allow on in the office and the Jaxx likes to regale me with anecdotes from her favorite radio shows. Now I'm hooked. Which is good. It makes me feel intellectual, and gives me an option other than the general pop station and the country station (hey I like country but I can only handle the same 15 songs played ad nauseum for so long).

They have a new show for the summer about the english language called "and sometimes Y", i would recommend and listen. The other day they discussed whether there really is such a dialect as Canadian English. I did not hear the conclusion but I think I would be lying if I did not admit that Canadian English is no more than a patriotic creation to keep that tighten our ever-loosening hold on the 'canadian identity'...not that its a bad thing.

More to the point. I was driving home and heard some startling news. So startling that I thought I should share my opinion on the subject. A conference is meeting later this week to decide once and for all if the miniscule Pluto is in fact a planent at all. My position is, if it circles the sun, its a planet. Maybe I'll make t-shirts. Mvemjsnup, would all of a sudden end in a very unsettling "snuh" sound and the useful anacronym would eventually fade, become cliche, used only by those 20-somethings who can't let go of a faithful friend and continue to keep the P or the 40-somethings who have yet to be informed that the "P" is no longer relevant to this generation.

Who is going to tell the poor, confused fourth graders when they make their solar systems that there are only, in fact, 8 planets and everything they had been told before this time had been a lie. That carefully speckled styrofoam ball dangled on a bent close hanger, dangling past uranus (hey, don't snicker), carefully added right before bed to the horribly off-scale solar system, would actually earn them 3 demerits on their assignment for not having listened to CBC radio. Well it won't be me. My vote is, Keep Pluto. If you change its name will it not continue to circle the sun fairfully year by year (or every, what, 206 years?). Don't you remember what happen when you first found out that the Brontosaurus was not actually a species of dinosaur but a hoax? I rest my case.


Vaness said...

I always thought it was:

Katie V. said...

yeah you're probably right. I couldn't remember and was too lazy to check. I thought i could get away with it since U and N switch places during their orbits. Still, the ending P has a nice ring.

Beth said...

brontosaurus is a hoax? WHAT?