Friday, December 23

Will that be two Masters or one?

I just read Luke 16. It talks about money and how someone who is trustworthy with little will be trustworthy with more and the opposite being true as well. Christ also states how we cannot serve two masters, either God or money, not both. Well it seems obvious enough, all money is God's anyway. I want to serve the Lord all my days. But do I act like it? Not gonna lie, I worry about money. Too much. I am thinking about doing another undergrad after this. The problem? I will have to do it solo, no parents. Oh no. What is my problem? If that will get me where Christ wants me, where I can best serve...uh, he'll provide it. I can't join staff (don't even start with me, i mean headquarters not campus anyway) I'd have to raise so much money, ah! Uh, he'll provide it. What is my problem. Lord, I want so badly to be in your will. Don't let my attitude towards money get in the way.

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shellieos said...

oh katie, i guess i wasn't too helpful with my worries either. :S sorries.